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Cigar Smokin' Violet Sin by VioletSin

I lounge around nude while smoking a very yummy cigar. Lots of puffing, lots of sexy smoke-blowing

Length: 5:35 Date: Jul 5, 2007
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Making my pussy smoke the hu..
Making my pussy smoke the huge cigar
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6m 41s
I brag about fucking the camera man because he's so good at it, as I continue...
Smoking a cigar in fur- long..
Smoking a cigar in fur- long version
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I am trying to relight a big thick cigar which I didn't smoke enough of last...
Smoking a cigar outside in a..
Smoking a cigar outside in a rabbit fur
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By the time I turned on my cell phone camera, the ash on this cigar was...
Cigar Lips Part 2
Cigar Lips Part 2
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In part 2 of my cigar smoking cam show, my cigar gets to meet my OTHER lips...
Blowing Smoke In Your Face
Blowing Smoke In Your Face
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My voice gets deep & sultry while I talk to you. I know how much it turns...
Mesmerizing you, smoking a c..
Mesmerizing you, smoking a cigar in my n
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14m 21s
I've taken a break and grabbed a crappy old rabbit fur to put on the floor...
Smoking a giant cigar mostly..
Smoking a giant cigar mostly hands free
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I try to smoke this huge giant cigar mostly hands free, and I fiddle with my...
Spitting and smoking a cigar..
Spitting and smoking a cigar while I pla
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5m 28s
I savor the last of this cigar! I am your goddess and I am all powerful. This...
The last of that perfect cig..
The last of that perfect cigar in fur
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26m 52s
 Ugh! I am probably smoking this too quick. I spit quite a bit. I whisper my...
Smoking the cigar and tellin..
Smoking the cigar and telling you about
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22m 28s
I continue to smoke my cigar with my breasts pulled out. I am getting hot! I...
Very intense domination - sm..
Very intense domination - smoking in fur
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The more I smoke, the more cruel I get. You need to eat my ash., because it...
Smoking a cigar in my friend..
Smoking a cigar in my friends basement 3
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I am thoroughly enjoying this cigar! This satin dress feels amazing and I...
Evil greedy cigar smoking fu..
Evil greedy cigar smoking fur goddess in
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I've come back. I'll just wrap this full length raccoon fur coat around me,...
Summer cigar smoking - 1st 3..
Summer cigar smoking - 1st 30 minutes -
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31m 56s
I light my cigar using several matches, and you can really see the smoke...
I am a goddess as I smoke an..
I am a goddess as I smoke and put on my
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5m 05s
I just need to get my sexy metal high heel shoes on. I want to sit in the car...
A very unsatisfactory greedy..
A very unsatisfactory greedy smoke 3
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13m 17s
Why did I even bother making this clip or smoking this cigar? Fuck...
Smoking on the front porch w..
Smoking on the front porch while it rain
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This is my last Romeo'y'Julietta. I am really smoking this cigar for MY...
First part of the first ciga..
First part of the first cigar in Raccoon
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This is the first 6 or 7 small clips... I am having a night alone, my...
Cigar Lips Part 1
Cigar Lips Part 1
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9m 00s
Cam show in which I fondle, sniff, lick and finally light up and enjoy a...
Smoking Newports, Special Bl..
Smoking Newports, Special Blends
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4m 38s
I'm smoking a Newport while my girlfriend Stephanie films me. We are talking...

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